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About the project

Admin Panel – A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers, Our delivery management system offers you the right set of tools to manage your on-demand delivery business with ease and meet rising customer expectations.

  1. Customer registration management
  2. Product management
  3. Delivery management
  4. Route management
  5. Payment management
  6. SMS  broadcast
  7. Map

Delivery Boy App – This delivery management software solution makes it simple, efficient and delightful to manage delivery operations for your business.

  1. Customer route map
  2. Navigation
  3. History of order
  4. New order
  5. Delivery outstanding bill notification by SMS
  6. Display the list of deliverables item, a new order
  7. Display new orders received on the route
  8. Update route
  9. Customer information
  10.  Set route of customer
  11. Customer outstanding
  12. Payment

Consumer App – Your customers get a customized consumer app to check their delivery status, order tracking, contact delivery agents and provide feedback and ratings.

  1.  Registration/login
  2.  Profile
  3.  New/ Update order with Date & Quantity
  4.  Payment Gateway
  5. Avail Offer
  6. Order History
  7. Save Order
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